How to remove stains from crock pot

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We all love the slow cooker since it makes preparing homemade meals easy. However, it gets dirty with time or when something is overcooked in it. We are all guilty of overcooking or forgetting to grease the crock pot before adding ingredients to the pot. This guarantees a need for serious cleaning after the job is done.

Deep cleaning this pot is very easy as long as you know how to remove stains from a crock pot. It is advisable to start with the most natural methods before moving to the next method in case the burnt part persists.

1. Soak in hot water for 2 hours

You can fill the pot with hot soapy water or slow cook it for one to two hours for the burnt part to come out naturally. This is the easiest method that does not require applying any pressure or scrubbing work for a deep clean. 99% of crock pot messes can be cleaned using this easy method.

2. Use baking soda

If the burn is really bad, you should consider adding baking soda to the low-heat soak. Add some tablespoons of baking powder and dish wash soap to the water-filled pot then slow-cook. After a couple of hours, drain the water and use some more baking powder and a non-scratch pad to clean the residual stain for a sparkling clean finish.

3. Use vinegar to remove the white film

It is very common or black inserts of slow cookers to develop a white film from the mineral deposits. Even though this film won’t affect your cooking, it can bother you hence the need to clean it with vinegar. Fill the insert with water and add a cup f white vinegar then soak overnight. Wash it as usual, and the white film will be no more. In case it persists, it will not be as stubborn as before the magic soak.

4. Put it in the dishwasher

If the crock pot is dishwasher safe and the stain is just a little, then it is fine to toss the pot into the dishwasher. Modern dishwasher detergents are designed to cut the grease and stuck food like a hot knife through butter. This may be difficult if you have a large family and many dishes to wash.

5. Use an oven cleaner if all else fail

As a last resort, you can opt for an oven cleaner. It is toxic with fumes that make breathing horrible. Ensure the cook pot is as dry as possible using a paper towel then spray a bit of oven cleaner on the burnt spots and leave it overnight. If it is really burnt, you may want to keep applying this cleaner, waiting and washing then repeat till all the stains are gone.


Preventing a burnt stain on your slow cooker is better than the cleaning process and cost even a lot less. It is easier to clean, and there are no messes to deal with. Here are some tips to prevent staining on the pot:

– Use a pot liner; these are plastic liners that are heat safe and can be cooked in. They work much like oven bags and are effective especially when you are cooking something with a sugary sauce base like a BBQ sauce since sugar burns more quickly compared to other food ingredients. Cheese is another notorious item that easily burns when cooking.

– Use a non-stick cooking spray on the base of your pot before you add ingredients. Even though this won’t prevent burns from forming at the base, it will make it easy to clean in case there is some burn.

– Use the recommended cooking time for each recipe to avoid overcooking that will most likely cause a burnt stain. If your recipe states 2-3 hours, cook for the minimum time then check if it is done or if it needs more time. The time ranges are given to carter for the different cook time for various cooking pots, not that the time has to be exhausted. In case your pot has a warm setting, you can turn it on so as to keep the food warm till when you will need to serve it.

Do not be too stressed if the pot gets stained just apply one of the methods how to remove stains from crock pot and if the easiest doesn’t work, go to the next till you succeed as safely as possible for your slow cooker.

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